Submit Dues Online

Flexible Data Entry

‘Submit one or many customer dues instantly

Data Security

Highest data encryption standards

Automated Data Entry

Integrate your accounting system

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Customer Engagement Platform

Send payment reminders through multiple channels

Select effective messaging templates or customize your own

Schedule automated payment reminders

Right message at the Right time through our smart messaging technology

Digital Payment Options

Offer your customers choice of payment options to payoff their past dues through Recordent. Payments can be made instantly and at anytime by your customers.

Loan Options

Coming soon

Through Recordent provide loan options to your customers from financing companies to pay off their past dues. Your customers may have to qualify for the loan.

Installment Options

Offer your customers flexibility to settle dues in 3, 6, or 12 months through Recordent.

View New Customer Report

Verify payment history provided by other businesses on our secure platform to assess new customer onboarding risk for providing credit.

Obtain consent through OTP/magic links on your mobile phone from a prospective customer for viewing their payment history.

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Comprehensive Customer Report

Recordent report also comprises payment history data from one of the leading cedit bureau to provide complete risk analysis.