Recordent Platform Privacy Policy

  • 1. Introduction

    The website, its mobile phone application(s), computer application(s), tablet applications, software, services and other related internet-based applications including Recordent App (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Recordent Platform”) owned and operated by Recordent Private Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of India having its Registered Office at Flat No P-306, Sri Rams Swathi Paradise, Alkapur Township,Rd No. 16, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500089 has adopted this Privacy Policy.

    The terms herein mentioned provide details of the data collected, used, stored, and shared in the Recordent Platform, recordent server, host server, cloud based databases owned by Recordent or hosted by 3 rd party vendors of recordent and any other 3 rd party vendors engaged by and for the services offered through the Recordent Platform.

    The visitors of the Recordent Platform (“User”) shall take note of this Privacy Policy. It is also informed that the use of the Recordent Platform shall be subject to the terms of these presents, and in case User disagrees, the User shall not use the Recordent Platform and its services and shall immediately leave the Recordent Platform and will be disallowed from using the services offered by Recordent Private Limited.

  • 2. Use of Recordent Platform is as follows:

    (a) Upload, submit, inform, view, access, analyze information, data, text, etc., score and rate business/transactions/interactions/experience with a counterparty. Also, score and rate performance of such counterparty during such instances (hereinafter referred to as the “Record”); (b) Share or grant permission to share such Record. (c) Search for and analyze various Record available; (d) Subscribe to and view Record made available by other users; (e) Avail services provided in the Recordent Platform; (f) Use payment services facilities given by Recordent Platform or through third-party service providers who are under contract with Recordent Private Limited.

  • 3. Information collected by Recordent Platform: The following information may be obtained from a User while using Recordent Platform:

    (a) Record submitted by a User and such other information required for enabling the use of the Recordent Platform and for providing services as provided in the Recordent Platform; (b) Personal and/or corporate/business entity related information provided by the User inter alia User’s name, email address, mobile number, telephone number, IP address, MAC address, GPS location, with User’s account, computer, mobile device or tablet, ID card details, customer data, their name address, fee payment details, payment defaults or other defaults suffered by the User, details of the counterparties to business/transactions undertaken by the User, details of payment defaults or business/transaction-related events of defaults by such counterparties, name and contact details of such counterparties, business/transaction history and details of events which led to such defaults and nature and behavioral attributes of such counterparties; (c) Log information: Search queries, IP address, MAC address, crashes, date and time; (d) Local storage & applications: Browser web storage, application data caches, Contacts, applications, GPS, multimedia, messages, camera, call logs, storage, telephone, microphone. (e) Cookies and similar technologies; (f) Details of payments made/received by the User for services by Recordent Platform or through Recordent Platform; (g) Details of the services provided by/in/through the Recordent Platform.

  • 4. Use of information Recordent Platform collect/share:

    (a) Information for publishing/access Record through or by Recordent Platform; (b) For providing services through Recordent Platform; (c) For enabling the use of functionalities in Recordent Platform; (d) To establish and confirm the identity of Users and Record; (e) To customize offers; (f) To manage customer relationships, get in touch with customers to send communications, notifications, information, or process queries and applications made by customers on Recordent Platform about other products or services; (g) To design Recordent Platform’ products, offers, services etc. (h) To manage risks, including the risk of fraud; (i) To analyze how the Recordent Platform is used; (j) To diagnose service or technical problems and maintain security; (k) To monitor, improve and administer the Recordent Platform; (i) To prepare and publish statistics regarding User Account and Records on the Recordent Platform; (a) To enable a User to change User Account password on the Recordent Platform; (b) To suspend/terminate a User Account on the Recordent Platform; (c) To satisfy any legal procedure or compliance requirements; (d) To enable payment support and to integrate payment service providers; (e) To enable collection support and use of collection support services; (f) To enable legal and/or professional support and/or for services from professionals/service providers; (g) To verify and analyze the data and Record; (h) To enable data analytics, scoring models, management, storage and to produce data-based reports and information using data science, artificial intelligence, machine reading/intelligence, automation and related research, studies, and services; (i) To publish reports; (j) For external processing and storage; (k) To enable other persons to provide support and services to Recordent and/or the Users concerning any of the above.

  • 5. Information Security:

    Recordent Platform works hard to protect the Recordent Platform and its Users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information. However, there can be no guaranty that such safeguards will successfully prevent unauthorized alterations in the content or functionality given in Recordent Platform. The Recordent Platform assumes no liability or responsibility for any unauthorized changes in the content or functionality of the Recordent Platform.

  • 6. Incorporation of other terms:

    Each General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Recordent Platform and User Account Terms in the Recordent Platform and the terms mentioned there, is incorporated herein by way of reference.

  • 7. Changes in Privacy Policy:

    Recordent Platform’ Privacy Policy might change from time to time, and Recordent Platform will provide notice of it in Recordent Platform only, each User shall be required to take note of the same, and the same shall be binding on them for the use of Recordent Platform or services or any functionality therein provided.

  • 8. Contact:

    For any information regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact: