Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Recordent?

    Recordent is an online technology portal for businesses to submit and manage customer dues and collections. Recordent sends notifications (SMS, IVR & EMail) to the customers to update status of their dues and educates them on how other businesses can check the payment history. If customers do not clear dues, then those due records are marked as outstanding. Such records can be accessed by other businesses (with the consent from the customer) on Recordent before offering a service, credit or a loan. Hence, the customers are obligated to clear outstanding dues at the earliest.

  • How can I use the services of Recordent?

    Click here to sign-up to access Recordent services.

  • Can individuals become a member of Recordent?

    No. As of now, individuals cannot join Recordent as members.

  • Is there an expiry date for membership?

    No, the membership will never expire however the membership plan selected by you has a 1 year validity. In case you have opted for a paid membership plan, upon completion you will be automatically be moved to the basic plan. It is always advisable to opt for a paid membership plan to avail various benefits offered by Recordent. Click here for details.

  • Is there any fee for joining Recordent?

    Recordent is free to join and submit dues under the basic plan. You can also opt for paid membership plans to avail additional benefits. Click here to view the details.

  • What type of customer dues can be submitted on Recordent?

    You can submit all the customers (Individual and Businesses) due i.e. dues that are due at a future date along with dues that are outstanding. However, it is always advisable to submit dues as early as when the customer has been invoiced. There are various benefits for reporting customer dues early. Click here for details.

  • Why submit customer dues that are not late?

    YYour customer will be aware that their payments are being tracked on Recordent and they can build a positive financial profile. This will motivate your customers to make payments on time. Also, if the customer does not pay by the due date, Recordent will auto send payment reminders.

  • What are the Recordent charges for collection of dues?

    Recordent charges a minimal amount as facilitation fees only upon successful collection of dues. Click here for details.

  • Does Recordent charge for checking the payment history?

    Yes. The fee charged for every individual credit and payment history report is ₹100 and every business credit and payment history report is ₹1200. Paid members enjoy discounts on these charges. Click here for details. There is no charge if the report is not found.

  • How to submit customer dues?

    After a successful login, you can submit customer dues (Individual and/or Businesses) by clicking on 'Submit dues'.

  • How to upload bulk customer dues to Recordent?

    After a successful login, you can submit customer dues (Individual and/or Businesses) by clicking on 'Bulk upload dues'.

  • Is the data submitted on Recordent secure?

    The PII (Personal Identification Information) present is visible to:

    Member (submitter) of the data

    The Customer (Business/individual) recorded on the platform, and

    Any third party that the customer has provided consent to access the record / report

  • What is the next step after submitting the customer dues?

    Recordent will auto send SMS, IVR & Email notifications to the customer to help collect the payment.

  • How will the Member be notified if SMS notifications are sent?

    You will receive the SMS notification on your registered mobile number. Also, you can check the status in your membership login under notifications.

  • How can a Member check payment history of the customer?

    After a successful login, use the search option under check credit and payment history section on the dashboard and enter the required information. If the data is available, with a successful payment, you will be able to view the details. If the data is not available, the message "data not found" will be shown.

  • Can I check the payment history of a prospective customer without becoming a member?

    No. You need to become a member by signing-up on Recordent.

  • How can a customer permit a third party to view their data?

    The prospective customer data can only be viewed after the customer has provided consent through an OTP process.

  • As a member, if I have the customer consent, will I be able to see the encrypted data

    No. The data is never decrypted. It is only displayed to you on a need to know basis and only after customer consent.

  • Who in the Member's organization can submit customer dues?

    The Member's organization will be provided with an appropriate level of access to submit, view and review the records.

  • As a customer can I revoke previously granted permission to a third party to view my data?

    No. You cannot revoke consent provided in the past, however every consent has a validity of X days

  • As a customer can I check my Recordent report and payment history?

    Yes. As a customer you can view your Recordent report and payment history for free. Click here to check your report