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Recordent is a technology platform helping businesses improve collections by credit profiling their customers; and reducing risk by providing insights into the payment history of prospective customers.

Recordent’s platform enables businesses to submit their customer dues/invoices on a regular basis to collect payments faster and on-time. Inspired from the Credit Bureau model, Recordent informs customers on how their positive payment track record can be viewed by other businesses & lenders to offer better terms on credit or a loan; thus, motives and creates urgency to pay dues sooner than later.

Recordent’s data aggregation engine helps businesses in making informed decisions before offering credit or a loan by providing credit reports on individuals and commercial entities. These reports provide information on customer’s payment behaviour towards loans and credit availed in the recent past. Recordent’s platform has access to 700million+ reports of individuals and businesses through its network of partnerships in India and USA with well known credit bureaus.

Having the highest regard for privacy and data security, Recordent’s goal is to enable trust and accountability for businesses that offer a service, credit, or a loan to their customers.



Recordent Private Limited,

Vedaanika Place, Second Floor, Plot No: 8,

Road Number 12, Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad, Telangana,

India Pincode - 500034

888 6634 100

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